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Skatepark etiquette? Don’t roll your eyes! Believe it or not there are actually rules that apply here too. These rules exist to keep people safe, keep you from being constantly annoyed, and mostly – keep it fun! Here are 10 things NOT to do at a skatepark:


Snaking occurs when you drop in on another skateboarder while they are in the middle of their run. It is the single largest cause of collisions. If you accidentally snake someone, get out of their way as soon as possible and apologize. Nobody likes a snake, period. Wait your turn.


This is especially common among the littlest kids. With endless stamina and infectious enthusiasm for his new Razor scooter, “little Timmy” can spend an eternity in the bowl, rolling back and forth. While endearing at first, keep your runs short and sweet and leave some for the rest of us. The most courteous thing you can do at a skate park is to drop in, skate a few runs and then move on so others may have their turn.


If you fall and aren’t seriously hurt, get up immediately. Not only do you run the risk of being hit by an errant board, you’re also about to get an ambulance call from a concerned good Samaritan.


Looking for a nice spot to sit in the skatepark? That concrete bench seems perfect, right? Wrong. Look 30 feet past it and you’ll see a kid with hungry eyes bearing down on you. Within the confines of the skatepark, it’s a pretty safe bet that any ledge, bench or ramp will be skated, no matter how improbable it seems. Instead, sit just outside the skatepark or, if you must, look where other skateboarders are sitting to get an idea of a safe spot. Standing on the edge of the bowl or half-pipe is also a big no-no. You never know when or where that guy or girl riding will attempt a trick above the lip right into your shins. If this happens, see above (“Get up”).


If you lose control of your board, yell “board” to give any unsuspecting skateboarders in the vicinity warning of your careening projectile. Now is not the time to be shy. Scream it out.


Heavy afternoon sessions at the skatepark can be intimidating, especially if your child is just learning. Try mornings before 10 a.m. for a chance to roll around and get used to the park without the pressures of a full crowd. On a similar note, while one park is notoriously crowded, another can sit empty on the same day. Try Crossroads Skatepark in Bellevue for a quiet session at a perfect bowl.


One of the biggest annoyances at a skatepark can come from someone who’s not even skating! If you’re just there to gawk, giggle or point everytime someones wipes out – stay home.


There’s always one. The total a-hole who’s got obvious anger problems or forgot to take his morning meds. One false move and he’s ready to jump on you cursing and snaking you for the rest of the day. Don’t be a jerk!


Okay – this is a big one for us. You were a beginner once too, right? Everyone was! So be nice to beginners. Give them some space and a pointer or 2. As for girls – we don’t need to be questioned every 5 seconds…”can you do a melon grab”…..”can you do a….”. We have every right to be there – just like you! So say nice things to us – or just shut up!


It’s really embarrassing when someone freaks out at a park cause they couldn’t land a trick – embarrassing for them and everyone there! No tantrums – unless you’re 7 or under. It’s so uncool.

A Few More Notes on Etiquette:

-always look around and even behind you before dropping in

-don’t sit on ledges or ramps

-do not travel in circles in front of the ramps

-do not stop on ramps

-if someones on the coping or the transition don’t drop in and keep your deck off

-ask before waxing coping if there are any skateboarders around

-if someone is sessioning an obstacle let them be

-don’t film with your mobile phone and get in the way

-same goes with proper filming, if you’re in the way you deserve your equipment broken

-if the park’s busy take your ipod headphones off

-if someones getting speed or trying to do something big, they have the right of way

-don’t peg grind or stall/icepick anything without coping/steel edging

-don’t wax the ground

-don’t stand in front of someone as their waiting to drop in

-parents: skateparks are not day care centers. Don’t drop junior off and go to Nordstrom!

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