JP MATTHEW (Popé), Chairperson

Popé is 40 and been skating since 1985. Currently an ICT Technician for the civil service. Loved skating street when he was younger,then loved park skating, now can be found lurking on mini ramps around the province.Currently trying to get SKATEBOARD:NI established.



Graham Watson, 32, stated skating aged 15. Inspiration from Ed Templeton, Brian Anderson, Kenny Anderson. CEO of  Belfast only skate shop ‘LOKO’.

CIARAN MCBRIDE, Events Manager

Ciaran is 28 is from Belfast and has been skateboarding for 12 years. Since a pup Ciaran has always been interested in skating and has followed suit by passing on his experience to the younger generation. Ciaran was head coach of skateboarding at Belfast Urban sports, where he helped to develop the skills of younger kids to become rippers! He still has a passion for the sport and is always happy to lend a helping hand to anyone looking to get involved with skateboarding.

RYAN O’NEILE, Committee Member

Ryan O’Neile is 35 years old and lives in Bangor. His love of skateboarding began when he was around 7 or 8 years old. Everyone on his street had a £20 setup bought from Doreens Discount Stores that they used to bomb hills, tictac and maybe the odd boneless if they had a bit of skill. Around 1995 he got properly into skating and started hanging about at Bangor Tech and at the weekends getting the train up to Belfast. In Belfast he made a lot of friends, some had video cameras which Ryan liked the idea of, so he got one himself. Ryan can still be found lurking around trying to encourage people to jump down steps so that he can catch it on camera.


Glen Lyall, Secretary
^Blurb to follow

Tony Moore, Committee Member

Tony Moore, 30, from Belfast. Started skating in 199 when he begged his best friend to ‘borrow’ his brothers board so he could learn how to bomb hills in his local area. Many moons later he can still be found bombing hills in his local area, but skateboarding also sparked his love for the art and now works as a graphic designer and sign painter.